Chamber Perks / Events Policy

Events Posting Policy

For-profit Events for Members

HCCC member businesses and organizations are given the ability to submit for-profit events. Member events will be added to the HCCC’s Facebook business event tab and shared to the profile’s newsfeed.  They will also be shared electronically via email to the HCCC’s subscribers.  It is our pleasure to highlight events, activities and special programs sponsored by the HCCC, its partner organizations, member businesses and non-profits that are of interest to the community. 

Events submitted to the member event calendar must: 

  • Be hosted by a HCCC member business or organization in good standing 

  • Must be held within Hillsdale County, with the exception of annual open houses, customer appreciation or anniversary commemoration events held at the physical location of the business or organization if located outside of Hillsdale County.

The following types of events are encouraged: 

  • Individual business promotions related to a one-time special event or annual event such as an open house, customer appreciation or anniversary celebration

  • Art, music and entertainment events such as gallery openings, art shows and fairs, concerts, shows and theater

  • Renowned speakers, performers, groups, and artists

  • Banquets and annual dinners

  • Business and educational informational workshops, expos and seminars 

The following types of events are not encouraged: 

  • Sales pitches, recruiting, proselytizing 

  • Regularly occurring athletic events, fitness classes, religious services, weekly bingo or other games 

  • Weekly or daily lunch or dinner specials 

  • General announcements 

Non-profit (Free) Community Events for Everyone!

Nonmember businesses and organizations are given the ability to submit not for profit, free community events. Free community events will be shared to the HCCC’s Facebook business profile’s newsfeed. It is our pleasure to share free and local events to residents and visitors of Hillsdale County.

Events submitted to the Calendar must: 

  • Be open and free to the general public

  • Align with the purpose of the Calendar

  • Be sponsored by a Hillsdale County-based organization, school or business

  • Must be held within Hillsdale County

The following types of events are encouraged: 

  • Art, music and entertainment events such as gallery openings, art shows and fairs, concerts, shows and theater

  • Carnivals, fairs, festivals, parades, antique shows, car rallies, dances, banquets

  • Public-sponsored events and not-for-profit fundraisers

  • Business and educational workshops, expos and seminars

  • Health, nutrition, fitness and wellness programs and clinics

  • Public picnics, gatherings, events, lectures

  • Referendums, elections, public hearings, etc.

  • Hillsdale County events of community interest (i.e., emergency preparedness, voter registration)

The calendar is not intended for: 

  • Sales pitches, recruiting, proselytizing

  • Regularly occurring athletic events, fitness classes, religious services, and normal school session

  • Weekly bingo or other games

  • Private events

  • Individual garage sales

  • Individual retail store offers, sale advertisements, or promotions (with exception for Chamber members as per the member events posting policy)

  • General announcements


How to submit an event:


  • Complete the online event submission form. The HCCC staff review submitted events within five (5) business days of submission for approval or rejection, and notifies any user of a rejected event.

  • Annually recurring events do not require re-submission each year. However, if the event is canceled or terminated from recurring, please notify the HCCC staff.

  • The HCCC is not responsible for the accuracy of any posting​.

If changes are needed:


  • Once posted, the submitting business or organization is responsible for letting the HCCC know of any changes to their event information, including revision of event details or cancellation. Please give our HCCC staff a few days to make any changes active.


The legal stuff:


  • The HCCC reserves the right to review, edit and/or reject any posting at any time that is offensive, inflammatory, discriminatory, inappropriate, or fails to meet the guidelines. Disputes maybe submitted to the HCCC Board of Directors for review. All decisions of the HCCC Board of Directors are final.

  • The HCCC does not endorse, support or verify the legitimacy or accuracy of any organization or information posted on this calendar or any documents or information posted on any web site linked to or from this calendar.

  • All persons or entities submitting postings hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the HCCC and its individual members, officials, committees, officers, agents, directors, and employees from any and all third-party claims that the content violates a third-party's right of privacy or contains any defamatory content or violates any state, federal or local law or regulation.

  • The HCCC reserves the right to revise these guidelines at any time without notice.

  • The HCCC reserves the right to limit the number of postings by any one business or organization if deemed excessive.

  • Event submission constitutes agreement to all guidelines and information contained in this document.

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