Non-profit Community Events Posting Policy

(For free and local events)

Nonmember businesses and organizations are given the ability to submit not for profit, free community events. Free community events will be shared to the HCCC’s Facebook business profile’s news feed and added to the calendar on this website.

It is our pleasure to share free and local events to residents and visitors of Hillsdale County.

I agree that the event I am submitting is...

The type of event I am submitting is...

The calendar is not intended for: 

  • Sales pitches, recruiting, proselytizing

  • Regularly occurring athletic events, fitness classes, religious services, and normal school session

  • Weekly bingo or other games

  • Private events

  • Individual garage sales

  • Individual retail store offers, sale advertisements, or promotions (with exception for Chamber members as per the member events posting policy)

  • General announcements