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Chamber Bulk Mailing

Is unsuccessful advertising hurting your wallet? Our Bulk Mailing Service is a cost savvy advertising tool that we provide to our members! Send out your specials, updates, and information on your business to a large audience. You may choose to send this information to your customers, fellow Chamber Members, or a delivery route. With mailings containing 200+ pieces, your business receives a discount on every piece of mail in that specific mailing.

EXAMPLE: A member who utilizes our Bulk Mailing Service:

  • Has 502 Pieces:

    • 241 Pieces of 492XX or 490XX (they just need to have at least 200 in the first 3 zip code digits) @ .29 = $69.89*

    • 261 Pieces of mixed @ .307 = $80.13
      Total Cost = $150.02
      A member who does not use our Bulk Mailing Services
      502 pieces @ .49 = $245.04
      If this member would have used our bulk mailing permit, they would have saved $95.02

  • Has 1000 Pieces:

    • Postal rate costs $490.00
      With our services it’s only $284.00
      This is a savings of $206.00! Your basic membership pays for itself!​


*In addition to anything 492xx, the immediate U.S. Mail distribution area that Hillsdale, MI belongs to; Detroit 481xx – 482xx and northern Ohio 434xx – 436xx all qualify for the AADC reduced postage.

Bulk Mailing Protocol

Approved: November 1, 2020


Membership Requirements


If you are already a member, here is a reminder of how many mailings you get to take advantage of each year:

  • Non-profit Memberships ($85 membership fee per year) = 2 mailings per year.

  • Traditional Membership ($195 membership per year) = 2 mailings per year.

  • Enhanced Membership ($270 membership per year) = 3 mailings per year.

  • Top Level Membership ($390 membership per year) = 4 mailings per year.

  • Premiere Level Membership = Custom!  Email us to arrange a time for us to speak about your mailing needs.

  • One of the memberships listed above plus an individual non-profit = 2 Xs per year.

    • If your organization or business headquarters has one of the memberships listed above, and your individual business has a non-profit under them that’s separate, your business gets 2 mailings per year.

    • For example: A Real Estate Company “Home Realty” has a Traditional Membership so they as an organization can use 2 permits per year and they can use them as they see fit.  If they are OK with letting their individual realtors, “Jane Smith with Home Realty” use them up, great!  If they use them up themselves and the individual realtor under them wants to be able to utilize bulk mailing, then they should join as a Non-profit (Non-profits receive lower membership fees).

  • Additional bulk mailing services will be billed separately at $20 per mailing.


Preparing Your Mail Pieces

Getting Started

Bulk mailing is a great tool to use when you are looking to distribute information!  

  • Prior to using the HCCC permit, someone form our office will talk with you about your mailing, get your quantity, talk about the location (zip codes) of your mailings and discuss how this process will work with delivery to the post office.  

  • The rate per postage savings is determined on where you mail your pieces.  

  • We will also talk with you about the type of mailing you have.  Your mailings need to be approved by the post office in accordance to their bulk mail size requirements prior to mailing.  Not every type of mailing qualifies.  

  • Please notify the HCCC office 2 weeks for new users or 1 week prior to dropping off mailing.  Please email or call/text +1 517-212-0392 to let her know you are preparing to mail using the HCCC’s permit number.  This gives us time to prepare your forms and check and to arrange delivery time and day with you. 

Knowing who you are sending your mail to

  • You have an existing list of addresses and individuals that you are sending your mail to

  • You can choose mailing routes through the post office

  • Ask the Chamber for a membership list if looking to send mail to Chamber members only


  • In order to qualify as a bulk mail, there must be over 200 pieces of mail

  • You must include “Current Resident or” prior to the address

  • The member is responsible for putting the HCCC Bulk Permit stamp on all pieces of mail

  • The member is responsible for putting the addresses on the mail pieces

  • Ask your printer about having the addressed printed directly on the material

  • If you are having a mailing printed by one of our members, they are authorized to print the HCCC Bulk Mailing Stamp Permit on the mailing


Member's Responsibility

Paying for postage

  • Members must provide the full payment of mail prior to going to the post office.  We will not provide you with forms without payment in advance.  We will provide you with the total amount based off your quantity and the zip codes you plan to mail to.


Mail Trays

  • We will let you know the number of mail trays you will need to go pick up from the post office so that you are prepared with your tray.



  • You will need to get your pieces printed from member approved printer and will need to make sure that the permit number and mailing Endicia is properly placed on your mail pieces.  It is not the Chamber’s responsibility to mail your mail pieces.  They will provide you with a .jpg file of what their bulk permit number is on the Endicia, but it is the responsibility of the printer to ensure they are properly placed.



  • We will email you the correct forms, filled out and signed.  You will need to print those and take them with you to the post office when you drop off your mail pieces.


Postage Check

  • You are responsible for paying postage.  However, the check that the post office receives must be from HCCC.  We will arrange with you how you will pick up the HCCC’s check that will be written to the post office in the amount of your postage.  In turn, you will provide us with a check from your organization written out to Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce in the same amount to cover the postage costs.



  • For permit mailing, you do not need to arrange a date and time with the post office, just HCCC.  When you are ready to take your mailing to the post office, you will take your trays, your forms and the HCCC’s check to the post office together.  The post office will check your mailings and forms and take your check then you're done!