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You will find that I am unique by putting your needs and BEST interest ahead of "just closing another sale". I will protect your BEST interest by advising, counseling and helping you make good decisions...but never pressuring you. The "Golden Rule" sets my personal compass and I conduct myself with honesty and integrity.

I sincerely look forward to being your full time professional REALTOR and being able to provide you with a successful - smooth - on time real estate transaction.

You may have heard the phrase "information is free, but knowledge is priceless". That is where I prove my worth. I have over 18 years experience in buying and selling real estate. I take great pride in managing all the details of the sale making the transaction seamless and worry-free. 80% of the transactions that experience problems do so because one or more of the real estate agents didn't do their job. That is why it's so important to hire a full time, knowledgeable real estate agent like myself who will manages your entire transaction properly.

Our Mission

Today the real estate market is more challenging and complicated than ever. I want to be the REALTOR who helps you navigate these uncharted and sometimes choppy waters. My job is to create a successful - smooth - on time transaction that allows you to move forward with your life.


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Gretchen Oberdick

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141 S Jackson St, Jackson, MI 49201, USA

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