Watson Trading Co, Inc.


Watson Trading Co, Inc.

We have learned that although our customers needs are similar, no two customers approach their business in exactly the same way.

Started business in 1961 and is a leading importer of wicker baskets and packaging supplies in the United States. Located in Hillsdale, Michigan, our 200,000 square foot warehouse allows us room to purchase and stock large volumes of merchandise. Thus, providing our customers with quality products at affordable prices in a timely manner.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in the ability to support our customers differences by treating each as an individual. It is our belief that a good business reputation does not spring up overnight, but grows slowly and soundly because it is rooted in the solid ground of customer satisfaction.


Baskets and Packaging Supplies

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Tina Bumpus

+1 517-439-9313

501 W Carleton Rd, Hillsdale, MI 49242, USA

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