Chamber Perks / Membership Policy

Membership Dues and Perks Policy

Traditional, Enhanced, Top Level and Non-Profit members are invoiced December 1 each year for their membership which is due January 1 of the upcoming new year (30 days out). Memberships are valid January 1- December 31 each year. Membership perks will start and end at the same cycle. Unused perks do not rollover.

​Premier members are invoiced October 1 each year for their membership which is due November 1 (30 days out). Memberships are valid November 1 of the current year through October 31 of the next year. Membership perks will start and end at the same cycle. Unused perks do not rollover.

If a member's invoice goes 30 days past a courtesy call will be made to enquire about payment. If the open invoice reaches another 30 days past due (60 days overdue), the member will go into a holding period. A holding period keeps the member’s status active where their directory listing/landing page will continue to be live on our website, they will continue to get email blasts and be invited to member events, etc., but the member will not have access to the membership perks, including bulk mailing services, press release blasts and website features on our homepage.

Once payment is received, the member’s perks will resume as they were. The member, at that time, will continue in their normal billing cycle, at their normal rate–they will not be prorated. Essentially, they will be paying for their missed time.

If the member goes as far as 90 days past due, the member’s status will go from active to inactive. Inactive members will no longer have access to any chamber perks. After the 90 days, if the member decides to rejoin, they will be prorated for the rest of the year according to their signup date and membership choice. They will also be invoiced a $45 reinstatement fee which covers reinstating their directory listing/lading page. Member perks will also be prorated for the remaining year.

If the member goes as far as 1 year past due, the member's status will go from inactive to nonmember. Nonmembers can always rejoin down the road as a new member!


​If a new member signs up at an odd time of year, their membership dues and perks will both be prorated. When their normal billing cycle starts, they will pay for their full year at that time so that everyone is on either the January or the November billing cycle.