State and Local Licensing and Permit Requirement

Michigan does not require a general business license; however, some types of businesses do require licensing, certification and or permits. Check first with the county/city or township in which you are looking to locate your business regarding licensing requirements. Find out about State licensing requirements at Michigan’s One Stop License Search.

  • Air, water and solid waste standards apply to certain types of businesses; contact the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for detailed information.

  • Contact the Hillsdale County Building Inspector to assure compliance with regulations affecting construction to determine if the level of improvement you may be performing at your place of business requires a building, plumbing, mechanical or electrical permit or stamped drawings from an engineer or architect. Permits and stamped drawings are always required for new construction.

  • Before purchasing signage, check with your city/township or village to see if there is a sign ordinance; obtain a sign permit if required.

  • Before signing a lease or purchasing property or a building, check with the city/township or village Zoning Administrator to see if the chosen location is located in a zoning district that allows your specific type of business; obtain a zoning permit if required.

  • If you are constructing a new building or altering the size of an existing one, your project may require site plan approval by the Planning Commission in the city/township or village in which the project is located.

  • Check with your city/township or village to see if you must apply for an occupancy permit.

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